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Commercial Property Insurance provided by Sarvey Insurance

With increased natural disasters, weather conditions in the area where the building is located have also become an essential factor in determining the cost of commercial property insurance. As a result, commercial insurance rates are generally higher for properties located in the vicinity or inside geographies with a significant risk of weather-related catastrophes. 

What is Commercial Property Insurance ?

Commercial property insurance is used to cover any commercial property. Commercial property insurance protects commercial property from such perils as fire, theft, and natural disaster. A variety of businesses, including manufacturers, retailers, service-oriented businesses, and not-for-profit organizations carry commercial property insurance. It is generally bundled together with other forms of insurance, such as commercial general liability insurance.

What is covered under commercial property insurance ?

You can customize commercial property insurance coverage to protect almost every physical asset that your business owns. Policies usually include coverage for some combination of:

  • Equipment, such as computers, tools, and special machinery
  • Furnishing and fixtures, including desks, chairs, appliances, and supplies
  • Inventory that your business sells, including food and perishable items
  • Physical office space

You may still need to purchase commercial property insurance if your business operates out of your residence since homeowner’s insurance policies don’t usually cover lost or damaged business equipment. 

Who needs Commercial Property Insurance ?

Commercial property insurance helps business owners protect all property vital to the daily operation of the business, extending not only to buildings, stores, and offices but also to equipment, furniture, inventory, and any other physical assets vital to the company.

Commercial property insurance can cover various losses, including building, business personal property, property of others, business income, inland marine, and cargo.

For instance, faulty wiring or bad installations could cause a fire on your premises. Or the building may be struck by lightning, which can cause fires and electrical damage to the business equipment. In addition, your property may be vandalized or stolen.

Additionally, other natural perils such as earthquakes, tornadoes, or hurricanes may cause thousands in damage. You may open your doors and find that your premises have been flooded. If you live in an area that commonly suffers hail storms, or you’re just unlucky to be hit by an unexpected storm, your vehicles and equipment can end up being beaten up.

Already have Commercial Property Insurance? Switching is easy

It might be time to switch insurers whenever the service that your existing insurer provides doesn’t meet your needs. For example, if you have a poor claims experience or an unexplained rate increase, it might be time to consider other options

If you cancel a previous policy before a new policy is effective, you could run into some serious financial problems.

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